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Hi, Doug,
Just wanted to say how much we love your Powerfood, and have been telling others about it.    Love the ingredients, and the fact that you added 2 extras in there.
I give the powder to my dogs, and we take the pills.
A great plus is that it has eliminated ear allergies in my dog, and as a result, she's happy and has puppy energy again. 
I'll have to try your other products....thanks for keeping your prices this economy, it's a huge factor.
D.L. in CA



Thank you!! I am a happy and regular customer of yours!!



I will definitely be referring family and friends with a good word about your products.



Hi Doug,

Can you please send me a quote for...

P.S. Everything looks great the bottles, labels, and packaging.  Your company does an excellent job.

Thanks, A. F.


"Hello. Love your product (POWERFOOD).  I have been getting it for a while now."

R. K.




"The way you do business is very commendable.  That there were more like you in the nutrition business.  Thank you very much for the insights you've given me.  I greatly appreciate it!"

P. B.


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