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  We have had a number of customers ask for POWERFOOD without  Nutritional Yeast flakes.  This product is in answer to those requests.
 Bottles as low as $27 each!
  • Spirulina Blue-Green Algae (Hawaiian) **

  • Chlorella broken cell Algae*

  • Purple Dulse Seaweed*

  • Wheat Grass*

  • Spinach leaf*

  • Alfalfa Grass*

  • Barley Grass*

  • Rose hips*

  • Orange peel*

  • Lemon peel*

  • Astragalus root**

  • Nettle leaf**

  • Beet root*

*Certified organic

**Wild Harvested



ONLY $29.95! Buy Now!

- 14 oz. Bottle with serving scoop included. 




POWERFOOD is a naturally balanced blend of whole foods. These superfoods are specifically formulated to supply natural food source vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and essential trace nutrients.

POWERFOOD is enzymatically rich and is easily assimilated into the blood stream. All ingredients are from the richest, organic, whole food sources available.  The original formulation was by Dr. Richard Schulze. Our formulation has all the ingredients of Dr. Schulze's  Superfood plus the added benefits of Nettles and Astragalus. 

There are many products in the market place that are very similar (i.e. Super nutrition, Super Manna, Superfood, Ultimate Nutrition, our POWERFOOD, etc.), one difference is that some have a few  ingredients that the others do not. Just like our Powerfood having Astragalus and Nettle leaf, which are known for their immune system enhancing properties, and Dr. Schulze's Superfood does not. The other big difference is the price you pay. We are sure that you'll find that our prices are the best you can find anywhere!

No Yeast POWERFOOD 14 Oz. Containers - Buy Now!

serving scoop included in each bottle. 

1 Bottle-Only $29.95! 

6 Bottles-Only $174! ($29 each) 

12 Bottles-Only $336! ($28 each)  

24 Bottles-Only $648! ($27 each)

Bulk by the 5 pound Bag - Buy Now! Lowest Prices Anywhere!

1 serving scoop included per bag. 

5 pounds-Only $140! ($28 per pound)

10 pounds-Only$270! ($27 per pound) 

25 pounds-Only $650! ($26 per pound) 

Mix two level tablespoons (one scoop) of POWERFOOD in 16 ounces of fruit or vegetable juice and drink. Or in a blender mix 8 ounces of pure water, 8 ounces of fruit juice, cup of fresh fruit and two level tablespoons (one scoop) of Powerfood.

This is a dietary supplement and should be taken daily for proper balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and food enzymes. It is not a meal replacement. Powerfood is a perfect addition to a well balanced diet.

Also available in capsules - Buy Now!

600 Vegetable Capsules 500 mg each  ONLY $47.75!

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