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Grow Your Business!

Wholesale Custom Herbal Supplements and Products with

Your Own Custom Labels!

We offer Custom Blending, Encapsulation, Bottling, Bagging,

and Labeling services




If you are interested in reselling our products or your custom formulas with custom labels,  please contact us for wholesale pricing information.


Custom Formulas

Custom formulas and other single herbs are available upon request. The cost of the custom formulas and single herbs are generally in the same wholesale price range as our other formulas or single herbs (you need to contact us to access these prices), and are determined by the particular herbs used and the number of herbs used. - Low minimum order requirements will apply, usually about 5000 capsules for formulas that use stock herbs. For formulas that we do not have the ingredients in our normal stock, the minimums vary according to our supplier minimum purchase requirements, normally the minimums vary between 50 bottles of 100 capsules each  for encapsulation of a single ingredient, and commonly 50 or 100 bottles for formulas. For more information please contact us.


We cannot and do not assume any liability for any adverse reactions from the use of custom formulations. We also cannot and do not guarantee the efficacy of custom formulations.


From a satisfied customer...

Hi Doug,

Can you please send me a quote for...

P.S. Everything looks great the bottles, labels, and packaging.  Your company does an excellent job.

Thanks, A. F.

Custom Labeling & Packaging

Custom formulas, labeling and packaging services are available for practitioners, distributors,  and resellers. Very low minimum quantities. You will be well pleased with the wholesale prices. For more information please contact us.



ABSOLUTELY NATURALE™ ( is now becoming one of the most respected and trusted manufacturers and wholesale suppliers for many Distributors, Practitioners, and resellers.


Our main focus is on satisfying our wholesale customers' needs for custom labeling of stock and custom herbal formulas.


We know you’ll also be pleased to find that our prices are aggressively competitive. It is common to be able to save 30-50% buying direct from us.


All our herbs & supplements are of the highest quality possible to obtain. If there’s any way possible, the herbs are Organic, Wild Crafted, or Non-Sprayed! Our capsules contain absolutely No fillers, just herbs and/or pure supplements!


All capsules are purely vegetarian (vegan), made from the southern pine tree & reverse osmosis water (gelatin based capsules may contain prions which are a precursor to mad cow disease).


We have a passion to be the best provider of encapsulated herbs (single & formulas) & other natural health products for you and your customers.


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