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Colon Detox (formula #2) Lowest Prices!

  • Psyllium seeds

  • Psyllium husks

  • Flax seeds*

  • Apple pectin

  • Kosher Certified Bentonite clay

  • Slippery Elm inner bark**

  • Marshmallow root*

  • Peppermint leaf*

  • Activated Wood-based charcoal

* - Certified organic

** - Ecologically Responsive Wild Crafted

ONLY $16.95! Buy Now!

8 oz. Bottle with serving scoop included.

All ingredients are from the richest, organic, whole food sources available. The original formulation was by Dr. John Christopher. Our formulation has all the ingredients of Dr. Christopher's  formula #2. 

There are  other products in the market place that are very similar (i.e. Dr. Christopher's, Dr. Schulze's formula #2, etc.), the big difference is the price you pay. We are sure that you'll find that our prices are absolutely the best you can find anywhere!

Colon Detox  in Capsules

1 bottle (100 capsules) - $17.75

1 bag (300 capsules) - $42.75

Colon Detox  in 1 lb plastic canisters

1 16oz. container - $25.95

6-16oz. bottles - $150.00 ( $25.00 each)

12-16oz. bottles - $288.00( $24.00 each)

24-16oz. bottles - $553.00 ($23.00 each)

Colon Detox BULK in 5 lb plastic bags

5 lbs - $120.00 ($24.00 per pound)

10 lbs. - $230.00 ($23.00 per pound)

25 lbs. - $550.00 ($22.00 per pound)


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take 1 rounded teaspoon 1-5 times daily. Place the teaspoon of powder in a small jar with 8 oz. of fruit juice. Shake vigorously until well mixed and drink. Afterward, drink an additional 8 oz. of water.

This cleansing and soothing formula is to be used periodically in conjunction with Colon Cleanse (Formula 1). This formula is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum. This formula will draw old fecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any bowel pockets. It will also draw out poisons, toxins, heavy metals such as mercury and lead, and even remove radioactive material such as strontium 90. This formula will also remove over 3,000 known drug residues. Its natural mucilaginous properties will soften old hardened fecal matter for easy removal and also makes it an excellent remedy for any inflammation in the stomach and intestines.

Take this formula 5 times each day beginning in the morning for 5-6 days, consuming a total of 8 ounces of the powdered formula during this period. One hour after your morning nutritional drink mix 1 heaping teaspoon of Colon Detox powder with 8 ounces of diluted juice. It mixes best if you shake it in a small jar. Do the same hour before lunch, between lunch and dinner, hour before dinner and 1 hour before bed, so that you are consuming a total of 5 heaping teaspoons each day. During or after dinner, take your  Colon Cleanse (Formula 1) as usual but increase your regular dosage by 1 additional pill, or more if necessary to have sufficient bowel movements. It is helpful to drink additional liquid after each dose of Colon Detox, at least 8 ounces.

You want this formula in your colon at all times, and not sporadically. Then you will notice parasites being removed, casing of old fecal matter and mucus coming out. If you take Colon Detox erratically or once or twice a day, this will not happen.

The colon, together with the kidneys, lungs and skin are responsible for eliminating waste from the body.

As a result of the toxic environment, and due to a combination of stress, poor diet, improper food-combining, drug intake and/or lifestyle; over a period of time, many people develop a thick layer of toxic fecal matter that coats the colon. It hardens and becomes impacted, especially if the diet is not natural, reducing the efficiency of the bowel, and in some cases, completely obstructing normal elimination of waste matter from the colon. The colon loses its ability to properly eliminate all waste from the gastrointestinal tract.

As a toxins build up, they disturb normal body metabolism function. As a result, a person may gain pound after pound despite an exercise program, or lose weight despite a good diet. Removing the layer of fecal matter coating the intestines (with anywhere from 25 to 50 lbs.) in many individuals, allows improved assimilation of the nutrients from foods and can alleviate symptoms of vitamin, minerals and other nutrient deficiencies.

Also, when the colon becomes saturated, harmful toxins get absorbed into the bloodstream, where the lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as the lungs and kidneys, become overburdened and expose a person to serious health risks.

COLON CANCER Is the second leading cancer killer in the United States , second only to lung cancer in men, and breast cancer in women. And at least two million Americans suffer colon related diseases including... colitis, ileitis, diverticulitis and approximately l00,000 colostomy surgeries are performed each year!


*We are not affiliated with Dr. Schulze or the American Botanical Pharmacy in any way except that we agree with some of his methods.

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